It has been rumored that North Korea is plotting an attack against the growing cryptocurrency market of Southeast Area and professionals claim that the issue needs an international solution.

CNBC reports that RUSI (Royal United Services Institute), the world’s oldest independent think tank on security and defense, has cautioned countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore that they could quickly be targeted by hackers decided upon evading international economic sanctions.

“Noth Korean networks have participated in fundraising and have evaded trade and financial restrictions with the use of misleading financial techniques, front companies and agents at banks throughout the region,” RUSI announced.

“North Korea could cash out its digital asset profits by depending on its large overseas financial networks to create and operate accounts at cryptocurrency exchange in the area,” it carried on.

The main concern of RUSI were hackers, responsible for 2017’s hugely effective WannaCry ransomware campaign. It says that this illustrated the interest and capability of North Korea to utilize the digital asset industry.

WannaCry distributed across the web contaminated around 230.000 machines in May 2017. As this happened, the virus encoded information and required ransoms be paid in Bitcoin, if not, the data would be erased.

Eventually, US authorities charged and sanctioned a hacker from North Korea for his part in the assaults.

The man cooperated with Lazarus, the crew associated with stolen digital assets worth $670 million, most of which were taken from crytocurrency exchanges.

Afterwards, the government of North Korea disputed the existence of the hacker.


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