After yesterday’s velocities, today the Top 20 digital assets are finally increasing in value from 1% to 10%.

For instance, the value of Bitcoin is seeing a positive change of about 1.5% and is currently sitting just under $5,200. Since reaching a price of $5,420 on April 10, the value of the crypto coin decreased, falling just below $5,000 on April 12 and since then mild growth was illustrated.

Ethereum, the top altcoin, demonstrated an increase of about 1.5% and is sitting at $167. The coin reached $180 in value on April 8, however, decreased in price to $161 in 3 days. Although, there was slight raise in price, ETH is still down by 6.67% on the week.

Ripple grew less than 1% today and is sitting at $0.327. Parallel to ETH, Ripple faltered downward on April 11-12, however, rose in price. The altcoin is currently down by 8% on the week.

Bitcoin Cash, among the largest crypto coins, experienced the largest growth around 7% sitting at $298, on the other hand, Tezos underwent the largest increase of 10%. Litecoin, along with Binance Coin, are up 3.5%. With the exception of Maker, the Top 20 digital assets are rising from 1% to 2%.

The total market capitalization of all digital assets is $175.3 billion now, with a decrease of 1.6% on the week.


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